Susana Barbera


Susana Barbera is a International reference in documentary wedding photography. Her committed and passionate work, creativity and mastery in the use of black and white have earned her numerous international awards and took her to her other passion, teaching and sharing her philosophy of believing in Magic to let the Universe surprise you. When that happens your are able to see the right picture at the right time. Teaching and finding the potential in each student is her goal, we are all different, we dont need to be a copy of anybody else but be the best of ourselfs. Greatly Inspired by the art of streetphotography, Susana ́s images are as striking as they are filled with action and intensity. They engage, amaze, and entertain as she successfully infuse a glimpse of her own sense of humor into each piece.

Award Winning Professional Wedding Photographer:

*Photographer of the Year 2015 Inspiration Photographers
*31 Fearless Awards
*Top 10 Fearless Photographer 2012
*Top 10 ISPWP
*Best of the Best Junebug Weddings

She has been giving Masterclasses and workshops all around Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Amsterdam, Greek, Italy, England, Chile, Usa and Brasil.
She has been a jugde in many photography contests as Fearless, Inspiration Photographers, Myweb, Masters of Dutch Photography, Find art Photographers, BestEuropephotographers and many others…

*Speaker at SILK INSPIRE 2016, INDIA
*Speaker at Foundation Conference 2013 in Arizona, USA
*Speaker and Mentor at II Convencion de Fotografos de Colombia 2013 *Speaker at Floricolor Events in Amsterdam 2013
*Speaker and Mentor at WPS Greece 2014 in Thessaloniki, Greece
*Speaker and Mentor at Boda F Mexico 2014 in Queretaro, Mexico *Speaker and Mentor at FDF Argentina 2014 in Rosario, Argentina. *Speaker at Fearless Conference in Amsterdam 2014
*Speaker at Foro de Fotografos 2014, Sevilla, Spain.
*Speaker at Wedding Brasil 2015 Sao Paulo, Brasil
*Mentor in Foundation Workshop FWE 3 2015 en Islas Canarias, Spain *Speaker at Chile Convencion de Fotografos 2015
*Speaker and Mentor in Master of Dutch Wedding Photographers 2016

About her:

Sergio Photographer: “ Susana is a being that exudes love 24/7. A wonderful and talented woman that knows the secret of how to create great photographs”

Sion Fullana: “I go crazy with Susana ́s work. She is full of infinite magic. Her picture are close to the ones from the clasic masters, perfect on emotion, tecnich and personality. They are full of femenine magic but they go straigh to you soul with a sensual touch! There are some pictures i can find the words to describe them, magic and strengh, the composition looks like if the spirits of Bresson or Vivian Meier where there to touch her eye while she is taking the pics and telling her how to compose and focus…”

Kelly Rashka: “ She inspire me. Her smile, her voice, her photography!! She is unreal! That woman cant be stopped! She is a genius, powerful, magical. She makes you believe in magic, she makes magic happen. My life will never be the same after meeting her”

Erin Chrisman: “ Such a lover of life! Such a passionate person! Her Photos reflect the energy, excitement, passion and beuty that she sees in life. I can always recognize a Susana Photo because of how much life and personality it shows of the bride and groom”

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